40% becomes the new 34%

Changes in the pass mark for students registered under the NEW 2011-12 regulations.

This year we have introduced New Regulations. These regulations are for some new students only. New students studying in a teaching institution should find out urgently whether they have been registered on the old or the new regulations. New Students not studying in a teaching institution will be automatically registered under the new regulations (all those registered since 1st January 2011). For these students there have been significant changes to the regulations, including the pass mark and the way that students can process through the degree.

Transfer to the new regulations is not be possible for students on the old regulations.

Please note: if you are a continuing student or have registered under the OLD regulations in 2011-12, this will not immediately apply to you.

To bring the EMFSS programmes into line with the LSE, we have adopted a change in the pass mark from 34% to 40% from summer 2012.  

This change will bring our programmes into line with the majority of other UK undergraduate awards which operate with a 40% pass mark.  This means there will no longer be a Pass category in the marking schemes for our degree course and all students will be required to achieve a ‘pass’ at the honours level of 40.  The rationale for this change is the desire to encourage students to achieve honours standards in their examinations, as they do at the LSE.  The previous Pass category will only be available for those few students who, at classification stage, fail two courses and would have otherwise been awarded a third class honours degree.

Given this is a major change to the programme regulations for existing students, the current 34% pass mark will continue until summer 2016.  By this point students need to have either graduated or completed their programme of study, or will be automatically transferred to the new regulations and continue on the 40% pass mark.

All Honours class boundaries remain unaltered, as illustrated in the single Marking Scheme published in the new regulations.

Our advice to all students in working towards their examinations is to know your subject, work hard and aim high!

John Ferrá

Head of the LSE Office for the University of London International Programmes.




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2 Responses to 40% becomes the new 34%

  1. Fair enough, especially with the generous changeover period.

  2. Karen Grant says:

    I’m in total agreement, this will help us to strive for excellence and do our best. Rather than just enough to pass.

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