A celebration for Mrs Gosling

November 11, 2011

Rosie’s celebratory retirement event and her change of role….Director of Institutional Liaison.

The London School of Economics and Political Science hosted an event to celebrate the achievements, retirement and a new role for Rosemary Gosling, Director for the EMFSS programmes at the LSE.

As anyone who has met Rosie will know, she is a truly inspirational individual and her determination, passion and love of the programmes is clear to all who meet and work with her. Rosie is driven by the guiding principle of access and widening participation to higher education and is committed to providing students from many different backgrounds the opportunity to study for a University of London degree.

Rosie was joined by family, friends and colleagues at the event and a number of individuals, including Professor Janet Hartley (Pro-Director LSE), Professor Martin Anthony (Chair of the Board of Examiners), Professor Jonathan Kydd (Dean of University of London International Programmes), Zoya Tuiebakhova (Vice-Rector of the Kazakh British Technical University) and Jots Semhbi (alumni of the programmes), offered their praise, admiration and best wishes for the unique and important work Rosie has tirelessly undertaken over the past twenty five years at the LSE.

Rosie continues her work and involvement with the EMFSS programmes as the new Director for Institutional Liaison, working and assisting teaching institutions in the UK and overseas that support our programmes and dealing with students.

 LSE Office for the University of London International Programmes