Congratulations to our scholars & Thank you to Emeritus Professor Susan Dev

July 19, 2012

This happy photograph is part of the many celebrations held after the  recent  graduation at LSE. Shalini Mittal  was awarded a place to study BSc Economics at the LSE after achieving a Distinction in the Diploma in Economics at ISBF in Delhi through the University of London International Programmes. Shalini was subsequently  awarded a first class honours degree  and has been offered a place on the Masters programme  at LSE.   Next to her  in the photograph  is Emeritus  Professor Susan Dev, who worked at the LSE from 1966 and played a major role in the International Programmes from that time  up until 2009. In 2009, Professor Dev  kindly provided a full scholarship to the  top International Programmes student who had been offered  a place at the LSE to study. Shalini’s  marks were outstanding and  she was awarded this scholarship. It is not easy to  get a place to enter for study in the second year at the LSE but Shalini managed to do so after completing the Diploma in Economics, but many students do also get places to study at other universities in the UK, Australia and of course in other teaching institutions which teach our programmes.

Shalini Mittal describes what the scholarship meant to her:

“The Susan Dev Scholarship has made it possible for me to attend a prestigious university like LSE. Not only did I make some of my best friends here but it also was vital in providing me a unique learning experience right in the centre of London. The scholarship helped me to concentrate on my studies without worrying about my finances which not only increased my productivity of learning but also boosted my morale.”

We offer a huge thank you to Susan for her generosity and congratulate Shalini on her excellent results and wish her well in her future studies at the LSE.

Postgraduate scholarships are awarded annually to TWO University of London International Programmes students who have been accepted for postgraduate study at LSE. These students MUST have completed one of the degrees or Diploma for Graduates offered by the University of London International Programmes, for which the LSE provides academic direction. For more information, see here.

Last years International Programmes Scholars’ achieved very good results. Ursula Wiriadinata (pictured right) from Indonesia was awarded a Distinction in her Masters in Finance and Economics and Duong Ha Thu (pictured left) from Vietnam was awarded a Merit. Both of these students studied their degree through the University of London International Programmes at the Singapore Institute of Management.

Further information about LSE scholarships for Masters degrees can be found here.

Watch Ursula Wiriadinata talk about the University of London International Programmes here: